Colorado Springs Psychotherapist

Colorado Springs Psychotherapist

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Peak Psychological Services approaches your treatment differently than the average therapist. I do not listen idly by as you pour your heart out, nodding my head from time to time. I treat you so that you can start living instead of surviving. I teach you the skills needed and reveal the inner resources that you already have, to help you build a life worth living. 

I specialize in evidence-based treatment.

Sounds fancy, but what is evidence-based treatment? It is treatment based on research and scientific studies that have shown to be effective for the specific difficulty that you are seeking help for. That means that you do not receive the same counseling for trauma as you do for depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder. It also means that I treat you to get better, not to simply discuss the problem or vent. Evidence-based treatment is the only type of treatment that Peak Psychological Services offers.

Doesn’t every therapist offer this?

Unfortunately, no. Not all therapists use evidence-based treatments. Which means that your treatment may or may not be effective. In some cases, it can even be harmful. This is like going to your medical doctors. You hope that they would prescribe medication that has been shown to be effective not just any old medication that they made themselves or happened to come across somewhere. Right?

Nicole J. Peak, Ph.D.

Colorado Springs Psychotherapist

I am licensed

You may be thinking, well of course you are. But, did you know that the state of Colorado is one of the few states where a therapist does not need to be licensed?!

In Colorado, anyone can legally call themselves a psychotherapist, life coach, or therapist regardless of their educational background and/or training. By paying a fee, any individual can become a “registered psychotherapist” through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

Unfortunately, what that means for you, is that you may never know if your “therapist” is really a trained professional. You may never know what kind of training your therapist has received and what kind of treatment they are giving you. Kinda scary huh?

With Peak Psychological Services, you can rest assured that I am a fully licensed Colorado Springs Psychologist and am able to provide you with the best care possible.

What difficulties do Peak Psychological Services treat with evidence-based therapy?

Peak Psychological Services specializes in treating specific difficulties with evidence-based therapy:


Eating disorders



What types of therapy are included in evidence-based interventions?

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy

Acceptance & commitment therapy

Interoceptive exposure therapy

Exposure and response prevention

Prolonged exposure

If you want to start living, really living, give me a call, and book your first appointment.

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