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Starting a Mental Health Journey

Getting started can be the hardest part, right? Mental health has this weird stigma clouding it, but it is one of the most important factors we can focus on in our lives. Mental health can be compared to physical health; when you aren’t feeling like yourself inside your body, you go to the doctor. When you aren’t feeling like yourself inside your mind, this is also an indicator that you need to see a doctor. This isn’t just any regular doctor visit; it is a doctor specifically trained and licensed to help you sort through your mental distress/internal turmoil.


Understanding the idea that you need help to untangle your thoughts can be daunting. Where would you begin? Do you start from the beginning? Where is the beginning? Do I need to figure this all out on my own? Thankfully, there are experts who know how to navigate the finer points of your journey. What you need to focus your energy on is accepting that you need help. Acceptance allows you to wholly immerse yourself in the process of therapy and the therapist there to help you. And if it sounds easier said than done, it is. At least, it can feel that way. As humans, by nature, we are prideful, and asking for help in an area that is already stigmatized can be intimidating. Nevertheless, once you get past that initial anxious moment, everything will fall into place. If you accept that getting help will allow you to live the life that you deserve, the rest is easy.


Asking for Help

Now that you have accepted that you need help, where do you go from here? How do you reach out and where? There are a lot of agencies out there claiming that they can help you, but can they? Is teletherapy as good as in-person sessions? These are questions you should ask yourself because everyone is different. Maybe you prefer to begin your journey via teletherapy or maybe you need to physically go to your appointment at an office to feel like the information will be meaningful. Conducting your own research is going to be critical to your care; you need to be your own advocate. Find a licensed therapist who will give you the time and attention you require to regain the control in your life. Some virtual companies will have the therapist seeing so many clients, that you may not get the care you need. Peak Psychological Services is different. We offer therapists who take the time to give each patient the attention necessary for real change.

The Journey

Now all that is left is to start on your journey. Sound easy? I’m sure it will be at times. Healing that has true meaning is going to be easy at times. At times therapy is going to be incredibly difficult. The difficult components are the indicators that real behavioral and psychological changes are happening. The easy moments should be used to reflect on how far you have come in your journey. When you see true progress for yourself, it gives you the courage and strength you need to move forward through the challenging moments.