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Considering Medication as Treatment

Mental disorders are usually the result of chemicals and hormones in the brain becoming unbalanced. When this is the case, mindfulness and self-care are only a small part of what needs to be a large treatment. Sometimes, the most effective option involves medication that can chemically correct the imbalance causing so many issues.

When to Consider Medication

Because medication is, in essence, requiring your brain to rely on chemicals as a solution, it is usually used as a “last resort”. It may be wise to exhaust other options of natural healing before introducing a chemical solution…however, one should not feel defeated in any way by choosing to try a medication as a treatment. Medication is a powerful solution to a powerful problem—when that problem feels entirely overwhelming, and other treatments are failing to do enough to heal the issue, consult with your doctor about the potential of medications in your treatment plan.


Benefits of Medication

Mediation tends to come with a number of side effects that occur as your body adjusts to the introduction of additional hormones into your body. However, these side effects usually fade as your body adjusts to the new chemicals. Furthermore, the benefits of such medications are significant and worth considering! These medications can help you sleep easier, improve your mood, boost your ability to concentrate, increase your confidence, and more. You can find it easier to reason, to maintain control and positivity over the small things that otherwise would take up your brain power and attention. Medicines are also consistently shown to help individuals improve their control over their mental disorders faster than other treatments.

What to Keep in Mind

A few more things to consider: remember that medications, while effective, are not “cures” for your mental condition. They can only help rectify an imbalance, and will only work to do so while you take them, meaning that if you stop you may find that your previous symptoms return. Of course, as with any medication, pills come with side effects that can affect your appetite, energy levels, and other hormonal levels of your mind and body. If these side effects persist for a significant amount of time, you may need to reconsider the medication and try a different one that better fits your needs. Finally, remember that all treatments take time. Be patient with yourself, and take care of yourself as best you can as a part of your treatment plan. Provide yourself with the best means for success!

Explore treatment options that we provide at Peak Psychological Services, and discuss with your doctor what your personal mental health plan should be.