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Simple Habits for Big Change

It’s the little habits that can make the biggest difference in our lives—the difference between energy and lethargy, alertness and fogginess, determination and hopelessness. Those are big things that are completely achievable, if you give your mind and body the right tools! Here are a few key habits that are core factors in your body and brain’s ability to stay positive and productive.

Sleep Well

Every part of your body needs sleep. Sleep is a “dynamic” process or state, meaning it is a period of time in which change is stimulated. So, even though it feels like your body has shut down or shut off for a bit and is simply inactive, in reality your brain is sending signals all over your body that help them reset and heal from strenuous use or injury. Sleep is an essential part of your body and mind’s function: without it, your body will begin to shut down outside of your control! Lack of control (manifested through lack of concentration, confusion, frustration, and even physical sickness) sends your body and mind into a cycle of unhealthiness as it attempts to keep up with itself.


Eat Healthy

The nutrients you put into your body are equally important to the rest and rejuvenation you give it. Micro and macro nutrients are building blocks to your body, and also provide the fuel to your body’s function. As you’d expect, the most nutrient-dense foods are the most natural foods… fruits, vegetables, proteins from meat or eggs, dairy products and grains. Remember: this does not mean you have to give up your favorite foods! In fact, it can be unproductive to attempt a complete lock out of those favorite snacks you crave. Rewarding yourself within reason is a healthy thing. Simply evaluate your current diet and make small goals as to changes you may be able to make from processed to natural foods, incorporating a treat every now and then so you can satisfy cravings without detrimental overindulgence.


Finally, talk it out. The act of verbalizing your thoughts and stresses is incredibly helpful to clearing and structuring your mind! Whether you entrust a close friend or relative to talk things through routinely, or you lean on some professional guidance through scheduled therapy, find opportunities to talk to people frequently about the important things and the unimportant things. Regardless of the topic, a conversation is a healing activity that invites the realization that people are aware of you, are invested in you, and care about you and your well-being.

Consider scheduling a routine “talk time” with one of our therapists at Peak Psych Services, and let us help you make those goals to implement healthy habits you’re your life today.