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Psych-Personality Testing

So many people live day to day in a frustrating struggle, unaware that those struggles have names (like depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)… and that knowing those names can provide them with a sense of control over those struggles, rather than the feeling of being controlled by them! Taking even generic, online tests can help you begin to identify those things that may be dragging you down, allowing you to take the first steps to overcoming such issues.

Types of Tests

Many people find it easiest to begin with basic personality tests that help individuals understand their tendencies, their aptitudes, and the ways they may react to certain stimuli. These are valuable insights into personalities—but they still do not diagnose mental struggles (or levels of those struggles) that need to be identified. Explore online quizzes—preferably from reputable sites—that use questions about your emotions, reactions, beliefs, and experiences, to gauge what mental strains you may be subject to and to what extent they may impact your life. Whether the test is meant to point out your likelihood of various mental disorders, or your level of a specific disorder, the results can be enlightening!



Once you have been introduced to the concept of a mental disorder and, more importantly, the potential that you may be struggling with it, you immediately gain a sense of control over your own mind. As you understand what these hormonal imbalances do to your mind, you introduce essential validation into your life that halts the downwards cycle many experience with undiagnosed, untreated problems: feeling frustrated with one’s own mind, causing harsh self-deprecation and negative self-esteem, exacerbating the already unsteady chemical balances in the brain and causing those problems that, once again, make you feel frustrated.

Where to Take Them

Again, you can access trustworthy online assessments on general or specific mental disorders. While the “diagnoses” you get on these assessments should not be considered official or undeniable, they may indicate the need for further help by a professional. At clinics, you will also take a survey or assessment of sorts to help the professionals determine your mental health situation and needs.

At Peak Psychological Services, we provide reliable assessment and subsequent treatment that you can trust, from professionals that know exactly how to tailor solutions to individuals rather than to the mental disorders that they face. Explore the services we offer before scheduling with one of our therapists and psychologists, and get the care you need.