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Therapeutic Practices You Can Try

Need to bring some calm back into your life? The stresses of everyday tasks can be a lot to handle without some relieving outlets! Here are a few therapeutic practices you can try that will help you regain control over your mind and give it the “reset” it needs to work its best!

Mindfulness or Meditation

Practicing mindfulness can look like a lot of different things! While many find success in simple meditation, (perhaps guided through with a recording easily found online!) others involve specific locations or routines in their designated mindfulness time to help them get the most out of it. Find out what works for you! Writing in a journal may be a great way to solidify thoughts and release them. Reading a favorite book or piece of writing, or something motivational could be healing and encouraging. Allow your mind to slow down so that you are increasingly aware of your body, its surroundings, and its vision. Ground yourself through meditation moments.


The act of creating something allows your mind to channel energy in a productive and positive way. Give yourself time for your hobbies! Create music, practice a song, learn to play an instrument, sing at the top of your lungs in the car. Make art—any kind of art, with any medium. Put some energy into building something or working on a project that you are passionate about. The process of creating a product is rewarding and healthy, as your mind is able to focus. This even helps your thoughts clear of negative debris, and offers it something encouraging and enjoyable to revitalize and reenergize.


Moving your body does a lot to heal and help your brain. Find fun ways to get your blood flowing! Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air, sun and nature. Join a sports team or active group, maybe with a friend, to get you more motivated to get out and exercise. Or, join a gym! Find a class you like, such as yoga or pilates, that stretches and strengthens your muscles. Go dancing, ride your bike, whatever it is that you can genuinely enjoy that makes you move. As you exert your body, you simultaneously release stress and (similarly to during creative or meditative practices) refocus your brain on productive things rather than stressful ones.

At Peak Psych Services, we can help point you to beneficial therapeutic practices on an individual scale, so that you have the best tools to keep yourself happy and healthy. Look through our services and rates to see what kinds of help we can offer you today.